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Grid Connect is arguably the simplest way to invest in solar energy and gain some immediate savings.

Not all panels are created equal! Many are built just for price point and while price is important the reliability, durability, back-up support will prove better value in the long run. 

The amount of energy produced can vary immensely from one system to another due to variances in component quality, design suitability and installation standards being employed.  In fact, similarly sized systems may generate as much as 20-30% different.

 We strongly recommend taking time to research different technologies and dont get caught up by marketing spin. Some excellent examples of 'sales talk' include:
          Our panels are Tier 1: this naturally implies quality of product, in reality it is reference to the credit rating of the manufacturer and NOTHING to do with the quality of the product.
          Poly-crystalline is best: in reality Poly panels are at the budget end of manufacturing (using the lowest grade of silicon) and offer the poorest energy generation. 
          The panels don't really matter, make sure you get a good inverter: in reality, the panels are critically important (think of them as the engine and the inverter as the wheels of your car - poor engine equals poor performance). Invest in quality panels (and quality inverter if it meets your budget)
          If you have shade you need Micro-inverters: if you have shade, Micro-inverters won't save you or your panels. Conventional panels suffer internal damage from PID (potential induced degredation) and rapid Bypass diode failure from too much work. Again, panel quality and design is everything.

An excellent read to help you get started: Clean Energy Council guide to installing solar PV for households

Watch a video 'How to buy solar'


sp authorised partner  
SunPower breaks the record for world's highest efficiency panels.   Maxeon Cell 420x240x21 image     
Employing their patented Maxeon cell technology, SunPower panels are around 33% more efficient 
than conventional panels, and generate up to 75% more energy over their lifetime. 
SunPower delivers the best peace of mind in the industry, including a full 25 year product warranty,
and linear performance warranty, guaranteeing delivery of more energy than any other panel.

X series: 360W, 22.2% - NEW WORLD RECORD! Click here for data sheet X22-360

               345W, 21.5% world record efficiency! Click here for data sheet X21-345

E series: 327W, 20.4% conversion efficiency! Click here for data sheets E20-327 residential

P series: 320W, 19% conversion efficiency, Mono-crystalline PERC technology.
Unique space age cell design eliminates connection failures that plague conventional panels.
Click here for data sheet P19-335

Read more about SunPower's amazing 25 year warranty here

What makes SunPower panels so much better than conventional panels? read here

Useful videos:
How long do panels last?
SunPower cell durability 

Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver Solar Panels SunPower is the world’s first and only solar company to earn the prestigious Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Silver designation for environmental stewardship and sustainable manufacturing practices within their facilities.


We also stock a range of 'conventional' solar panel brand including:

suntech logo Jinko logo canadian solar logo LG


Fronius logoFronius have been manufacturing AC/DC conversion equipment in Austria since 1946, adding solar inverters to their range over 20 years ago. fronius primo    
They are arguably one of the very best inverter products available in Australia today. 
Exceptionally rigorous testing ensures excellent performance and reliability, they back this with an industry leading 10 year warranty. 
Solar-Man is a registered FSP (Fronius Service Partner), ensuring fast and efficient response to any service issues

Primo range - 3 to 8.2kW single phase
Click here for data sheet

Symo range - 3 to 20kW three phase
Click here for data sheet

Symo Hybrid - 5kW three phase
Click here for Fronius Energy Package data sheet


 Logo SMA

SMA is widely recognised for the excellent reliability and features of their products. 
An innovator and world leader in solar inverters for over 30 years, their German heritage is present in everything they do.
Also widely known as Sunny Boy.

Sunny Boy (SB) 1.5-2.5kW single phase
Click here for data sheet

Sunny Boy 3-5kW single phase
Click here for data sheet

Sunny Boy Storage - universal Battery inverter
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