Protect your family from spiralling energy costs and an unreliable grid.

Modern electricity can be confusing and very expensive; understanding the jargon, complicated energy bills and how energy works can make your head spin. Solar power and energy storage can be equally hard to get your head around. There are so many product options all with the 'ours are the best' sales line, how can you compare?

Luckily you have found an industry leader that can guide you to making a smarter decision about your energy future. Get the facts, then buy once and buy right.

I have been designing and installing solar systems for over 11 years. My focus is always on best service, best products and best installation practices.
Many of my stringent installation standards from the past have become industry standards today, however 'best practice' is still our mantra and we will build you a better system.

Demand better solar...Call Paul direct on 0428773720 or contact us and we will call you. 

 For your peace of mind, SOLAR-MAN is aapproved solar retailer image doc grade Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, 
 the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

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Things we do:
  • Free on-site quote with fully CEC Accredited Designer / Installer, and Licensed Building Supervisor
  • Quote a fixed price for the job (no hidden extras)
  • In depth analysis of current energy situation
  • Inspection and measurement of your site (including switchboard & metering requirements)
  • Shading analysis and performance outcome
  • Detailed explanation of system options and features
  • Accurate savings and return-on-investment figures
  • Full project management
  • Give you the best service - bar none
  • Lifetime system monitoring / performance tracking
  • System servicing & maintenance
Things we won't do:
  • Treat you like a number
  • Use near-maps or software to guess the integrity of your roof
  • Use call centre staff to sell systems
  • Send non-accredited sales staff to sell systems
  • Take your order - then figure out any extra costs
  • Cut corners on product or workmanship quality to be cheaper
‘No Hype – Just Good Advice’  - It's not just a saying, It’s how we do business!